Over 32 years of experience designing HVAC and Plumbing systems for all types of buildings.  So far, over 3 million square feet of building designed-all types of commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial.  Energy conservation is a passion (where budgets permit).

Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Engineering from University of Colorado 1984.  This education has been added to with over 60 hours of continuing education and actual field experience installing plumbing, solar, radiant heating, and ductwork.

Experience as a landlord, building manager, and owner (board of directors for a 154 unit condominium complex during a 1.5 million dollar renovation).

I am enthusiastic about Zero Net Energy buildings.  I, for one, wish I lived in a ZNE house.  I especially like the goal of making Zero Net Energy buildings cost about the same as conventional buildings and I believe it may be possible.

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