2022 Title 24 part 1

Hello Everyone. I just finished attending an on-line course regarding the new 2022 Title 24 Energy Code.

The good news is…..The 2022 Title 24 Energy Code will not take effect until 2023.

The bad news is…….The extent of changes is such that T24 saw it best to give architects and engineers a whole year to learn the changes and to figure out what to do about them.

The course I took is highly recommended. It is free, short and to the point, on-line, well taught, allows for student input and questions, plus it has excellent graphics. What more could you possibly want? Here is the link to sign up for the upcoming repeat courses: https://energycodeace.com/training

One of the many significant changes is that Multi-family 3 stories and less moves out of the Residential Code and into the Commercial Code. Commercial requirements now apply. Duplexes, however, will remain in the Residential Code.

Here is an example of the graphics from the course handout

The Energy Code is still written with unconventional section naming, still written without Headers at top of page clearly identifying which section one is reading, and still making readers flip around constantly referring to other code segments. Still written without a comprehensive index. Any one have specific suggestions regarding how to get this cleaned up?

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