As a part of the green building movement, recycling has found it’s way into architecture. It is a small thing for building designers to add some extra floor space next to trash bins for recycling. There are some impressive signs available for recycle bins to clarify what goes into what bin. I have even seen interactive TV screens that take the confusion out of multiple trash receptacles.

Large scale food services now have the option of diverting table scraps into a composting digester unit that turns waste food into electricity or natural gas (your choice) plus fertilizer for lawns and gardens.

this is a large scale example of turning compostable waste into natural gas (for driving cars or heating water etc).

Rising costs of trash removal have brought about consultants who reduce trash for companies. One technique that trash reduction consultants use is Pre-cycling. This means to re-purpose things. Creative use of recycling, composting, and pre-cycling can reduce trash burdens on homes, institutions, and corporations to near zero. This saves money with regards to trash removal but it also reduces bad air that leaks out of trash dumps.

Here is an example of pre-cycling: In my neighborhood, there are plenty of citrus trees. Each year, homeowners wind up throwing away large quantities of un-used citrus from their trees. Even now, with a local composting service (converting community-wide kitchen scraps and yard scraps into natural gas), even with this local service, there is still something worthwhile to do with excess citrus. One puts citrus peels (no pulp-just peels) into a glass jar in the refrigerator and adds white vinegar. In a couple of days, one has fully functional citrus cleaner for use in a variety of cleaning/handwashing tasks. Note that is is a natural cleaner with no harmful or toxic chemicals added to it.

Our weekly trash around my home office has changed greatly through this past year. Now, only about 15% of our weekly trash goes to the landfill.

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