You might have noticed the new email for my company. After 7 years of an outlook email address–a hacker took over my outlook email address. The amount of hours involved in handling this was surprising. This hack came through a software download and slipped past Windows Defender, AVG, Outlook’s security measures, and security measures of the web browsing software itself.

Here is a partial list of the impacts a hijacked email has had:

  1. Deal with Outlook to change password and reset account
  2. Changing passwords to 26 websites, bank accounts, etc.
  3. Setting up new emails.
  4. Notifying clients of new email.
  5. Changing email in title blocks for drawings, business cards, and this website.
  6. Adding new virus/malware scanning software and upping settings of all virus/malware software
  7. Reloading Windows and all software on my computer.
  8. Dealing with past software registrations and security features that were associated with Outlook account.
  9. Re-initializing and re-customizing engineering software settings.

I am not fully done with this process. I initially estimate a loss of 110 hours of productivity.

It is amazing that people who are smart enough to plan, carry out, and follow through on such a hack don’t find better use for their superior computer skills than this. My company assets are hardly worth risking jail to get at.

Any advice in recovering and in updating security will be appreciated. Any advice in catching the deviants responsible for this would be appreciated too.

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