The War between Gas and Electric

It was hard to understand why the electric utilities in southern california are so vocal about getting completely rid of natural gas. Sure, natural gas can release fumes into our indoor breathing air. (electricity can omit ozone). Sure, natural gas can explode (which happens way less than power lines cause wildfires).

Gasoline cars are in a long process of being outlawed in our fair state. ( electric cars can be powered by solar, but gasoline engines can be powered by methane or hydrogen).

So why? Both bio gas and solar electric transportation and household appliances reduce the carbon pollution in our atmosphere.

As a friend once said-if things don’t make sense–follow the money. So I did. I looked into oil use in the USA per year and I came up with roughly $300 billion per year. If the future of transportation is going to get rid of gasoline–who get’s that money? It comes down to Electric vehicles or combustion vehicles (using bio gas fuels) —or both.

The gas utilities have been quietly moving forward in the carbon neutral struggle without calling for an end to electrical power.

What I have seen coming from the gas company is far more impressive than solar or wind energy.

Bio Gas is twice as beneficial than solar. No kidding. Take direct biogas production from kitchen or sewer waste for example. Sure there is free methane gas there for the taking. But the big picture is for every cubic foot of methane gas produced (energy) there is one cubic foot less of carbon pollution in the atmosphere. The whole point of solar and wind energy is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But what about the excessive amounts of these gases already in the atmosphere?

Bio Gas (which includes hydrogen gas extracted from CO2 in the atmosphere) can be generated any time of the night or day (unlike solar which not only depends on the sun shining-but also diminishes with the angle of the sun during the day).

Laws exist today in California to ban the sale of gasoline/diesel vehicles in California. What happens when the gas company has superior bio gas to deliver to cars and trucks?

It is hard to believe that acheivements like the bio-gas researchers have come up with aren’t front page news:

Imagine using food waste at restaurants to generate usable gas on site. These are commercially available right now.

Imagine dairy and cattle facilities removing the stench and run-off from the environment and selling usable natural gas from the waste. These are up and operating all over the world right now.

Imagine drawing CO2 gas from the atmosphere and converting that into usable biogas. California has a plant that does this up and running right now.

Imagine taking millions of bacteria and micro organisms from the dark depths the volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean (which eat CO2) and putting them to work in power plants that remove greenhouse gases from our atmosphere and produce electricity from it. This technology is reportedly ready to go.

I lived near a power plant in Florida that dumped garbage into firing chambers that were so hot the trash turned right into gas and heat without burning. The air in my neighbor was clean. Powerful magnets drew steel out of the trash before it was used. This technology has been up and running in the USA for decades.

Our gift to future generations needs to include bio-gas right up there with solar and wind.

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