Solar Photovoltaic

I just saw an amazing new photovoltaic product demonstration.  NEXT company is selling double pane windows that also harvest solar energy.

The sales demonstation had light passing through a sample of the window.  Mind you one can easily see through this window.  The window was wired to a little fan.  I blocked the light with my hand and watched the fan stop.  Impressive!.

The salesman reported the windows cost about 30% more than high quality windows and can pay for themselves within 3 years.  In fact-if one counts incentives, the payback can get better.

No welded steel support racks on the roof.  No sacrifice of roof area.

The windows have up to a 75% visible light transmission.

Wow!  It is great to see innovations like this.  The intent of zero net energy buildings without significantly raising building cost is looking more and more realistic.

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